Pipedream PDX Interactive Bad Girl Flesh

Νέα τιμή 115,83 € Αρχική 288,00 €
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Do you like it when she talks dirty during sex? Then this talking masturbator is perfect for you! This masturbator talks, screams and moans thanks to the built-in speaker. There is a sensor on the inside that responds to every movement. The masturbator is also provided with vibrations for extra stimulation. The vibrations are connected to the sensor and are harmonised with the sound coming from the speaker. The masturbator is made of very soft and realistic material and has an anus opening and a vagina opening. The speaker on the back is removable, so the masturbator is easier to clean. You can also plug in your headphones or earplugs during use if you do not want your room-mates or neighbours to hear the sounds of the masturbator. Charge the Bad Girl easily after use with the supplied USB cable.
Περισσότερες Πληροφορίες
BrandPipedream Extreme Toyz
MaterialABS/PVC, Fanta Flesh, TPE/TPR
ΤροφοδοσίαΕπαναφορτιζόμενη Μπαταρία Λιθίου
Battery TypeIntergrated Lithium Ion
Μήκος (CM)15.200000
Μέση Διάμετρος (CM)23.500000
Εισχώρησιμο Μήκος (CM)12.700000
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