Banger Babe Helen 158cm

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Η Banger Babe Helen 158cm της Hidden Desire είναι μια ελαστική κούκλα με μαλακό δέρμα πολλαπλών λεπτομερειών για απόλυτη ρεαλιστική εμπειρία. Με το χρώμα του δέρματός της και το εντυπωσιακό της σχήμα, η Banger Babe Helen 158cm έχει σχεδιαστεί για να ικανοποιεί τις πιο έντονες σεξουαλικές ανάγκες των χρηστών της. Η ελαστικότητα του υλικού TPE/TPR της καθιστά ιδανική για όλες τις στάσεις και τις φαντασιώσεις σας. Αποκτήστε τη Banger Babe Helen 158cm και απολαύστε αξέχαστες στιγμές εκστατικής απόλαυσης.

Hi, I am Helen, an innocent and a bit of a shy girl. I need a man that can show me everything there is to know about sexual pleasure. Can you give me some private tutoring lessons? Let’s skip the books and go straight to physical training. I’ll give you unlimited access to all my tight holes if you can teach me how to satisfy a real man. Specifications: Shoe size: 36 (EU) | Clothing size: XS, S - EU 34/36 | Bust: 85 cm | Waist size: 53 cm | Hip size: 82 cm. Helen is a large, life-sized love doll made of premium materials such as smooth TPE. The design features a sturdy steel skeleton for maximum durability and freestanding usage, and flexibility to pose the doll into a position of choice. Each Bangers Babes lady features realistic oral, vaginal, and anal textured canals that can be warmed/heated up if desired. Other lifelike details include: quality hairpiece, faux-nails, and delicate facial features. Adhering to an outstanding quality standard, this lovely lady will be your favorite play-thing for many years to come. This luxury doll comes with a wide range of accessories to keep your lady looking, and feeling, her best at all times! Included in the package are two naughty lingerie sets, S8 Quality toy cleaner, S8 Silky lubricant, S8 Renewal powder, white cotton gloves for moving/handling the doll, a set of replacement fingernails, a USB-heating wand, a cleansing irrigator, a hairbrush, and extensive care instructions. If you want the real deal, this Bangers Babe is your perfect, pleasurable match! Do note that due to its size and weight, this item does not come in conventional product packaging and will instead be shipped in a discreet, cardboard box.

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BrandHidden Desire
ManufacturerHidden Desire
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