Love Doll Sindy Inflatable, With natural parts, Cyberskin

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Η φουσκωτή Love Doll Sindy Inflatable από την Kinksters είναι μια ρεαλιστική κούκλα με φυσικά μέρη και υλικό Cyberskin. Προσφέρει μια αξέχαστη εμπειρία στο κρεβάτι και είναι ιδανική για τους λάτρεις των σεξουαλικών παιχνιδιών. Επιλέξτε τη Sindy και απολαύστε μια μοναδική εμπειρία φαντασίας και πάθους.
SINDY DOLL- 3D - a love doll. A beautiful inflatable love doll with a charming face and a standing position (168 cm) that is tempting and sensational. Natural, beautifully contoured, non-pumped head, with large blinking eyes (In the supine position the eyes are closed, in the standing position the eyes are open) Soft lips and natural hair. She is life-size, has beautiful, large, firm breasts with protruding, soft nipples. The scabbard and anus are made of a very high quality material - cyber leather, which is clearly visible in the photo. A separately attached vibrating egg with adjustable pulsation speed can be attached to the vagina or anus. The kit includes a pump. The doll is distinguished by both functionality and aesthetics of workmanship. Package dimensions: 40 cm / 27 cm / 16 cm.
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